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Heating and cooling systems designed to handle commercial needs require a commercial building crane. One of the most common causes of workplace injuries is handling equipment that is too heavy or too large. Structural Enterprises inc.  is a commercial hvac contractor that can help you manage your commercial HVAC equipment quickly and easily with our construction crane rental service near Lincoln. Our crane leasing company offers roofing crane rentals and industrial crane rentals to speed along any commercial HVAC job unlike other crane companies.

Crane Applications in the HVAC Industry

Commercial HVAC equipment may be tasked for many purposes, including worker and customer comfort, food or chemical storage, and air quality regulation. However, due to the large load capacity required for commercial HVAC applications, much of this equipment is large, heavy, and difficult to handle, even with multiple workers on the job. Industrial crane rentals can replace manual labor in many cases, such as

  • placing HVAC equipment on trucks for delivery or removal, as well as unloading equipment from delivery vehicles at the final destination.
  • transporting HVAC equipment from the ground to its installation location, which is typically on the roof of a building that may be one or many stories high.
  • removing old or damaged HVAC equipment so repairs can be made or a new system installed.
  • maneuvering new HVAC equipment into place safely and easily during installation.
  • carrying and moving larger loads than can be handled by workers, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete any job.

How Cranes Make Your Commercial HVAC Job Safer

Safety is key on any worksite, especially when dealing with large and heavy equipment. Commercial HVAC systems can be heavy or cumbersome, making them a significant workplace hazard if not handled properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists improper handling of heavy objects and equipment as one of the three most common causes of workplace injuries, particularly for construction and HVAC workers. Rather than risking the health and safety of employees who may not know how to safely handle commercial HVAC equipment, working with commercial HVAC contractors will make installation, repair, or replacement of commercial HVAC equipment much safer. The use of cranes by a certified crane operator to handle equipment takes all the load off of your workers, eliminating the risks of injury due to handling heavy equipment. Cranes allow even the largest commercial HVAC systems to be maneuvered quickly, safely, and easily into place. If you’d like to find out how SEI Crane Service can improve the safety of your next project with emergency crane services in Lincoln Please call 402-423-3469 to discuss our highway crane rentals, crane repair, crane sales and crane parts services.