For example: elephants are receptive a grand total of 4 days a

Schneider, C, et al. “A Homeopathic Ointment Preparation Compared with 1% Diclofenac gel for Acute Symptomatic treatment of Tendinopathy.” Explore NY. 2005 Nov; 1(6): 446 52.. For example: elephants are receptive a grand total of 4 days a year (4 ovulatory days x 4 cycles per year), the birds I did my PhD on for exactly 2 days (and there are millions of those birds and they breed perfectly well), grizzly bears usually 1 2 day, black bears and sun bears too. In the wild this is not a problem because the female can easily find, and attract, males on that 1 day: she typically knows where the nearest males are and simply goes and seeks then out, or, the male has been monitoring her urine, knows when she entering estrus and comes trotting on over on that 1 day, easy peasy. It only in captivity, with artificial social environments where males must be deliberately moved around by keepers, that it becomes a problem..

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