3km/sec, and at a nice glancing angle of 15 degrees (90 degree

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The Democrats are too far left. I mean, Bill Bradley, this is seriously left; he’s trying to come a little more centre, but he’s seriously left. The Republicans are too far right. Every replacement on your 300 year old Phoenix Hawk likely didn come from another Phoenix Hawk. 40k does the lost technology, inherited mecha thing better with its Knights, anyway, so instead of that, I wanted to go the Mad Max route. (More Road Warrior, really.).

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Even though Friday rainfall was unusually high, months earlier, the administration had cautioned the government. For a few ministers from Vidarbha, nobody was in favour of holding the monsoon session in Nagpur instead of Mumbai, an official from the legislative secretariat said. From the additional arrangements for the session, the local administration was doubtful about being able to prepare for it in just the three months that they got after the decision.

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