I’m positive that most of the airmen out there would probably

Lackland, TX: Originally this was on the bad list, but I had put it on the good list for the simple fact that I have been able to experience living here for myself. I’m positive that most of the airmen out there would probably disagree and quite frankly the base itself is a bore. It becomes overly condensed on graduation days and becomes impossible to find anything that isn’t crowded.

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The full exhaust definitely has that cool factor. It’s a talking point during those lunch breaks or at the gas pump every 75 to 100 miles. Sportbikes don’t have very large gas tanks. There are certain things that you and others can do to make sure places for fishing are around for a long time to come. One thing that is very easy to deal with is littering. Just make sure you always deal with and take your litter with you when you leave your fishing area.

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