Instead, they are named in a small paragraph just before the

Alright, so I have those out of the way. On to the next point. Buy products with antioxidants as these revive the natural proteins, called elastins and collagens, that make your skin flexible and elastic like, preventing wrinkles. My mother used to say that most people don’t work as hard as they can so if you always give your best, you’ll beat out most people in whatever you want to do. Hard work means you’ll get better each time and accomplish something you’re proud of. Without hard work, you’ll end up with regrets.

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48 points submitted 21 hours agoYeah, this is openly known by Spurs fans and a lot of England fans. He wants to break all the scoring records he can: Spurs record, England national record, PL overall record etc.Despite becoming much less selfish in his play since he started out, he still obsessed with scoring goals (and, more broadly, just playing football). He the kind of player who lie about the extent of an injury so he can keep playing.I don know how that passion, especially for Spurs specifically, balances against his clear and stated ambition to win team honours too though.

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