He used to have some of the funniest roid rage moments I have

Even multiplay looked interesting. At first glance it looked like bo 3.5. But with the manual healing, bullet rendering and predictable recoil, it could be really fun deep game. The woman actor was allegedly abducted by a gang and assaulted in a moving car in Kochi last year for three years before being set free. The attackers had threatened to release a video of the assault if she approached police. But she filed a complaint, and five months later police arrested Dileep on charges of hiring a criminal gang to settle personal scores with her..

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There are two very divergent opinions when it comes to Haj subsidy. The amount of Haj subsidy was thought to be mammoth by many, while its detractors said that the Haj subsidy was a sham. Last year, around 1.75 lakh pilgrims went on Haj and the central government subsidized the Muslim pilgrimage by paying Rs 250 crore, a small sum by any yardstick.

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