Wind turbines, solar cells and wave energy converters kick in

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As they infest the food, the microbial by products smell bad and cause rot. Enzymes naturally present in food can speed up chemical reactions between oxygen and food, causing spoilage and increasing oxidation, the browning we associate with aging and rotting food. Refrigerated food often lasts longer because the cold slows microbial growth and enzyme activity.

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It goes like this: Warm surface water is evaporated in a vacuum, producing steam to drive a turbine that generates electricity. Cold water pumped up from depth causes the steam to condense as desalinated water. Wind turbines, solar cells and wave energy converters kick in additional juice.

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Szymanski’s job is to review commodities at ports of entry. He agrees with Monroe that the shutdown could have long term consequences, and it could be tough to recruit people to work for the FDA if there is always a shutdown threat. The immediate threat to health and safety is also a real concern..

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