If you love Laura Jane Grace in Against Me! then you’ll sure

Photos of some of the 100 guns taken off the streets in 1001 days by the LMPD 4th Division. (Source: LMPD)LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) Lieutenant Jason Grissom was admittedly surprised when the numbers rolled into his office of just how many guns had been seized by his Louisville Metro Police Department division this year.”It’s scary,” Grissom said.One hundred guns had been taken off of the streets by the 101st day of the year. The division has seized 116 guns to date.

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moncler usa 3. Crunch your appetite away with a big salad. One study found that when people had a large (3 cups), low calorie (100 calories) salad before lunch, they ate 12% fewer calories during the meal. If you love Laura Jane Grace in Against Me! then you’ll sure as hell love her in her latest project The Devouring Mothers. Not only have uk moncler outlet they got a new album on moncler outlet prices the way, but they’re also set to embark on a seven date Midwest tour this Fall. So you’ll definitely know them by the end of the year.. moncler usa

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uk moncler outlet Meanwhile, moncler sale outlet the live action actors throw themselves into the characters, willing to look deeply silly. Bonneville is terrific as the stern dad whose dignity is undermined by, for example, a bit of cross dressing. And Kidman is also given a role with a mix of cat like slinkiness and slapstick goofiness. uk moncler outlet

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cheap moncler coats mens An emergency alert system, Everbridge, was notifying residents of threats via phone. The system was canceled weeks earlier by the county council after some members questioned its effectiveness. discount moncler jackets County paperwork shows more than 11,000 residents were registered, but records show alerts were being sent out to just 1,000 or cheap moncler cheapmoncler coats mens even a few hundred residents in some cases of inclement weather cheap moncler coats mens.

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