I was pretty terrified of taking a big lob onto small cams but

Trad Climbing

Canada Goose sale Apologies for the delay on writing any blogs this year, my website has been a work in progress so here is an incredibly late blog that will be in two halves. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats I wanted to write about the South African trad exchange which now seems like a distant memory from the beginning of the year. For me this has been one of two highlights of an incredibly mixed year for me. I decided to do as much route training as possible before heading but even sneaked in some January sessions at Red canada goose outlet Wall, Gogarth. The excitement was building canada goose coats on sale for heading somewhere completely new and meeting the South African team. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Coats On Sale The hospitality cheap Canada Goose and friendliness of the South African climber was incredible with a huge amount of organisational skills from Julia Wakeling. After skimming over the itinerary and just being psyched to go climbing for 3 weeks I completely underestimated how much we were going to be packing in, I also pretty certain their tactic was to wear us out with the walk buy canada goose jacket cheap ins canada goose clearance and copious amounts of alcohol. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap On arrival, and canada goose deals straight off the plane, myself, Pete and Mikey headed up to the majestic table mountain with Snort (one of the colourful characters of the group). Table mountain towers above buy canada goose jacket Cape Town with some amazing views and impressive exposure I did my first climb of the trip weighing in at a hefty E4 it was great and just the right level after a long flight. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Out to Lunch 24 (Table Mountain) canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Outlet The next morning we got up super early to join the rest of the team at Wolfberg. On the trip over we realised that Snort had left half his climbing kit and I couldn find some of my trad rack which I was pretty sure I left safely at the climbing wall (eventually got it back). Instead of telling the real story Snort decided to concoct a ridiculous one that involved partying, drinking and orgies in the van. For me the highlights include: Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale Climbing at Tafelberg; even with a 3 hour hike in carrying water and suffering in the heat this crag stood out for so many reasons. Every climb was five stars, and I had a great day with my climbing partner Jimbo ticking off numerous E4 and 5 The route that stands out for me here Canada Goose Jackets is Blue Mountain Direct which was given 25 or E5 put up by Steve Meyers and Tiny, this felt like the biggest sandbag I been on. I had to dig deep and try really hard finding ways to attain the breaks on small holds and placing more cams than I needed to. But the climbing and the exposure on this route were five stars. To me it was also pretty magical bivvying out under the bright starry sky. I didn sleep much but for once I wasn complaining. canada goose coats on sale

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uk canada goose outlet Echoes and Shadows 25 (Tafelberg)Watching Steve Mclure flash Triple Jeopardy (E8) on Table Mountain, I mean we all know he a pretty good climber right!? It was great to see everyone get their silly side out with 80 style themed get up. Myself, Pete and Steve decided to have a look at triple jeopardy with local heroes canada goose clearance sale Jimbo and Clinton. It was pretty roasting up there and Pete and myself both fell off at varying stages on the crux. Pete gave up but I had a look at the rest of the route. I though it was hard but what is more impressive Steve went first and with some vague information he cruised up this route managing to recover and make the holds look better than they actually were. uk canada goose outlet

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cheap Canada Goose Attempting Double Jeopardy 30 (Table Mountain) cheap Canada Goose

No Longer at canada goose store Ease, one of the best 25 on Table Mountain

Canada Goose Jackets Climbing with Snort at Yellowwood, although this was a ridiculously early start (got up at 3am) and by about 1 we were baking in the sun and I had blisters on my toes. But climbing here on one of Snort first ascents called Fantastic Time felt like a real adventure. The rock quality wasn as good but I glad I didn miss out on going to this incredible place. It was very different to most of the places we climbed at the climbing on each pitch was serious, engaging and enjoyable. I did however disappoint snort by lay backing the bit where I was told the only way to do it would be to jam. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka The last part of the trip was at a place called Blouberg with another 5 hour epic walk in and bivvy overnight. I was teamed up with Richard Halsey to climb an E5 called Once in a Blue Moon (aptly named because it had taken Hector a long time to complete the route for the first ascent). To me a lot of this was now type 2 fun, I could barely put my climbing shoes on without them being painful let alone climb in them. The lunch breaks were great but I was apprehensive about climbing the crux pitch when I couldn stand on big footholds. I don know why and luckily it played into my court but I was actually in less pain standing on small holds which the Canada Goose sale crux had plenty of, with minimal gear and a couple of hard to reach bolts I found this pretty committing, maybe more like E6. I was pretty terrified of taking a big lob onto small cams but somehow I managed to make up a random sequence of moves to clip the bolt and carry on to safety, much to my relief and the climbers around us. I thought we been making good progress on the pitches and topped out just before sunset, but little did I know we still had the maze to come and we hit it just as it went dark. This wasn where you wanted to be getting lost, but there were a few of us stuck up there. We were managing to make our way down at a slow rate canada goose of progress in a group when Mikey and Garvin found canada goose coats us, as it turns out we weren even the last people. Snort was against more rescues as it would be character building to bivvy for the night at the top for http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org anyone else who was stuck. Luckily mikey and a couple of others headed out again to gather up the stragglers. We had various stories from Saffers about 12 hour walks to get to or from the crag. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance The grand scale of Blouberg canada goose clearance

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Canada Goose online It was time for some of our hosts to go their separate ways and the rest of us carried on to Waterval Boven. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale For me Canada Goose Parka the second half of the trip to Waterval Boven was a bit of an anticlimax, don get me wrong it was great fun and the climbing Canada Goose Outlet was good but it not what I would travel half way across the world for when we have such good sports climbing already in Europe. I will give you my highlights of this part and if you are climbing out there hopefully some of the quality lines that Boven has to offer. The rock has a beautiful orange hue and there are some spectacular features but canadian goose jacket I feel it is a risk for any climber going here. With stories Canada Goose online of people being robbed, held at knife point and Candice giving us her mace spray for the last few days it didn feel like a safe town to be in, however if you do visit the couple who run roc n rope are lovely and my recommendation would be to stay up at the beautiful tranquilitas, even though the road up is slightly sketchy the best climbing is up at this accommodation. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store Luckily it was only on the penultimate day we had any incidents but it wasn very pleasant when Becca got bitten by dogs as we were walking out from the Restaurant crag. It was pretty nerve wracking on the drive in, there are buildings here that used to be accommodation mostly for visiting climbers but they are now abandoned and squatters from a political faction seem to have taken over. When we drove in we pretended we knew this guy to be able to climb there. Ben and Candice had to leave to get to the airport, so when a thunderstorm started brewing myself, Sophie and Becca walked out. As we approached the buildings three dogs started running out barking and baring their teeth, what is strange is that they went round myself and Sophie and started biting Becca who had been the furthest away. Luckily the guys managed to call the dogs off but not before they had done considerable damage. I not sure I could remained as calm as Becca did, I pretty sure I have started crying if it had been me. Luckily the guys on the site were decent enough and one of them walked us to the gate to make sure we were ok, it was the first canada goose black friday sale time this had happened so we decided it wasn worth reporting it to the police canada goose store.

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