What exclusions and deductibles are in the insurance policies?

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cheap jordan sneakers Next, make a layer of garden waste, fruit and vegetable leftovers from your kitchen. You can pour some water on it if cheap jordan for sale it’s too dry. You can make a new layer of drainage material and then add waste again. Commercial insurance on band equipment, the bus or van, and overall general entertainment liability insurance may well be worth the expense. Note that ordinary insurance may not cover commercial activities and commercial uses of equipment. What exclusions and deductibles are in the insurance policies? Does the performance involve pyrotechnics or other hazardous activities? Do all performance venues have adequate and up to building code emergency equipment, exits, liability insurance, etc.? If a performance is outside, how are weather related issues to be addressed? How is venue security provided? Do you need off duty certified peace officers? Think about hazards, likely audience behaviors, and overall safety. cheap jordan sneakers

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