I all for more checks and balances on it and making the

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Jones continued: “I don’t want the president to be killed, but if they are dumb enough to actually do it, boy, they have sealed their warrant of death. They have guaranteed that they are all gonna probably never even see court. They’re playing chicken with people that are ready to mash down the accelerator, cause I know I’m mashing it down.

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Yet, as brilliant as the aesthetic sensibilities of the Neo Futurists are, it is the performances themselves that elevate this show to a level that is truly exceptional. When a group of actors work together in an ensemble for a lengthy period of time, they are able to communicate with each other in a way that pushes each other to higher levels of risk and reward. Though this is a scripted piece, the embodied performances show exactly the aspect of stage directions that replica bags review interests me: the moments in between the words..

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