I remember my teacher just came over and sat on my desk and

man comments on People who rarely cry

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canada goose clearance sale Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. What you need to know about me back then was I happened to be a callous, douchey know it all that would always act out and go after cheap laughs. This movie cut right through me. I managed to keep it together during the first two days but during the final day we arrived at this scene. It was like one of those old slide projectors clicked into place https://www.winterdownparkas.com and then I was hit full fucking force by a tidal canada goose outlet wave of empathy. Surrounded by 33 of my peers and a couple teachers canada goose black friday sale I cried harder than I ever cried before. I remember my teacher just came over and sat on my desk and hugged me and once that happened like 12 other people started crying. It never stuck though. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose clearance Edit: Alright you masochists, CRY WITH ME!Hmm this is weird but I watched that movie a long ass time ago alone Canada Goose online and cried my ass off canada goose deals at the end. I’m not usually a crier. I’ve only cried a few times and always from Canada Goose sale major life events like my dog dying or breakups. But anyway, I watched it with my gf and she said it was sad but didn’t cry. She cries at things that I think are sad Canada Goose Parka or moving, but I won’t cry. I thought it was canada goose clearance a little odd but who am I Canada Goose Outlet to question someone’s feelings? I wonder if canada goose coats men are more affected because it feels like something we could do ourselves and because we can more easily put ourselves into his mindset of attempting to not care, saying he doesn’t care, but in the end being someone who cared the most. The sense of duty buy canada goose jacket cheap really sums up my feelings canadian goose jacket toward Schindler. He was thrown into a situation he knew was wrong and that he could canada goose coats on sale at least somewhat prevent. Seems like a very common topic for men to have come up in stories. We have to strive towards doing the right thing even when it’s hard and conflicts with our self preservation. This is also unfortunately the basis for a lot of guilt, I think, for survivors of horrific events. Movies and stories have made it seem like a man can or should always do something to stop some horrible wrong happening, but obviously we can’t always do that. Perhaps Schindler could’ve walked away and told himself that for the rest of his life, but he didn’t, and goddamn that’s some moving shit right there. cue the onionsI think it boils down to seeing a successful grown ass man break himself down into tears all because he was beating himself up for not finding ways to save more people. That doesn exactly sit with the masculine persona we are raised to have about our fathers, or grown men in general for that matter, so for teen boys it can hit them all at once how even grown ass men can have that full range of emotion to them. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online Obviously, canada goose clearance sale during the few minutes after normal school gets out and that language arts class started I’d always go smoke some weed. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets And one time the old TV and VCR thing rolls in and I was like “yeah! Movie tiznime!”. Ended up watching Schindler’s List super high with no preparation for what it was about. Third day in, we finishing the movie, they cutting his guts canada goose store out while his friends watch on and he yelling freedom Canada Goose Jackets.

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