If anything this suggestion should be on the minimapLooks very

Share your story using social media in a way that touches the heart of your one person you picked. Because touching the heart matters Because you’ve probably got something in common with your audience or you would not have chosen that audience. Because when you know how something connects with you, you automatically pay more attention.

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Fluker would stay at his coaches house from time to time to sleep in their daughter’s room who had left for college. At first, Fluker had tears in his eyes when he first stepped into the bedroom. It wasn’t because he was sad, but because at the age of 15, he had never slept in a bed by himself before.

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“I feel very proud to have won the gold medal after missing out on a medal in the Commonwealth Games. I was very disappointed with the Commonwealth Games performance and was determined to do well in the Asian Games,” said the short statured Preeja. “I am also happy for Kavita for getting the silver medal, she said but could not describe how she overtook the rest of the field at the end.

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