felt that they couldn give a toss about me

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canada goose outlet price White said there was no chance he could have stopped, even with the emergency brakes applied.police wanted me to come down to the station to make a statement, but I told them to go and get nicked, he said.Mr White said police later told him the man had indicated he wanted to end his life a fair bit and that his brother had suicided months earlier.According to the National Rail Safety Regulator report, Victoria has had the country highest number of train related fatalities for the last four years.In the past year alone, there were 41 deaths on Victoria rail network, 33 deaths in NSW, nine in WA, five in South Australia and none in the other states and territories.Mr White believes he didn receive adequate support from the NSW railway department, who he said didn make contact for four days following the Blacktown incident.felt isolated, away from everybody, I had the shakes and I was getting flashbacks of it all the time, Mr White explained.felt that they couldn give a toss about me. And I was angry about everything.both drivers and guards, this support includes immediate crew relief, access to qualified medical and psychological professionals, Critical Incident Leave and a structured return to work program, the statement read.effort is Canada Goose Outlet made to ensure staff are relieved from an incident within 45 minutes. Sydney Trains also provides training canada goose store to shift managers and other staff to canada goose ensure incidents are handled sensitively and the welfare of employees is considered at all times. canada goose outlet price

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