On our descent back to camp 1

Summit of Logan

Alpinism is a style of mountaineering which focuses on “light and fast” climbs using few camps and limited equipment. This is in contrast to “expedition style” climbs where numerous camps are set up, larger amounts Canada Goose Outlet of gear are brought in, and ropes are sometimes fixed.There is no strict rule in this subreddit as to the type of content allowed. Stories about expeditions on Denali or Everest are fine. Questions Canada Goose Jackets from n00bs about how to start out in the sport or what kind of gear is best are fine canadian goose jacket as well.Be civil to each other, don spam, and have fun!If you have suggestions regarding the content and direction of the subreddit, drop a comment in here perhaps.For other outdoor activities, canada goose clearance sale see:I debated on whether I should do a long write up of this trip or keep it relatively short and simply answer any questions. Rather than vomiting a wall of text, I keep it short but will definitely answer any questions or elaborate on sections of the climb.On June 14 this year our team of six stood on the roof of Canada via the Trench at about 9:00pm, becoming the first ever US veteran team to be there. Our total time on the mountain was 25 days. Our summit window was extremely tight and the only time we ever had two consecutive days of decent weather. Conditions varied dramatically and weather reports were never accurate. We had a total of five crevasse falls, though the deepest anyone fell was up to their chest. I myself fell into a crevasse up to my canada goose waist at about 19k feet. Breaking trail was absolutely brutal, most of the time we were down to our knees in snow. With the exception of summit day, we never moved in two consecutive days, the weather simply didn allow it. Each carry/move up to another camp had to have trail broken twice due to the snowfall we received in between.We were up there for Monique Richard rescue but did not see her as she was rescued higher on the Canada Goose Parka mountain. We canada goose clearance did meet the father/son team that did save her life and our team was very disappointed to hear that not only is she still trying to claim to be the first woman to solo Logan, but she is downplaying what happened and not giving credit to the duo that saved her life. If there are further questions regarding this I can answer with what information I have.On our descent from our high camp (summit plateau camp/camp 5), we got caught in an Canada Goose online absolutely terrible storm and ended up having to bivouac. We almost got buried in our tents and had canada goose store to dig them out regularly. This is\ probably the most dangerous section of the mountain, not due to the technical aspect of it, but because camp 5 sits at about 16k feet. After summiting and returning to camp, you need to ascend up to 18.3k feet and then back down to camp 3 (bypassing the terrible camp 4). After being smoked from your summit push, ascending up over 2k feet is rough work and when that storm hit us it was a pretty bad situation.When we were finally able to move, we decided to push all the way down to base camp. With short stops at our previous camps to refuel and dig up caches, we got back down to basecamp 30 hours later. We had to sit at basecamp for a few days waiting out the weather to get a flight.As for our team, we had a four man snowshoe team and a two man ski team. We were led by the founder of a veteran non profit called Veterans cheap Canada Goose Expeditions and he hand picked this team to attempt Logan. On our full move up to camp 1, we ascended in canada goose deals a whiteout and heard multiple avalanches falling on the slops next to us. It was nerve racking, but we also knew we had picked a solid line and were in good position. We did worry about slabs on some sections of the climb and simply navigated them quickly. No beacons.From base camp to camp 2, there was only a single time I layered up while moving. One morning from camp 1 to camp 2 it was freezing, about 20 and it took a while before I dropped layers. All other movements between those camps and I was only wearing my OR Echo hoody. It was extremely warm at times. Of course when we were stuck in our tent due to weather lower on the mountain I was bundled up because it was generally colder and we weren moving.Higher up on the mountain it was drastically colder. I say at camp 3 and higher it was likely never in the positive temperatures.We knew her and the father/son team were above us when we flew out http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com on the glacier. We heard the father/son team were at camp 2 and she was somewhere above them. When we were at camp 1, we buy canada goose jacket got a text from the pilots that she had summited and we were hoping to meet her during her descent since canada goose coats on sale it was a historical achievement.We did a carry/cache up to camp 2 and found a tent there. We figured it was hers and wondered why she had left a tent at camp buy canada goose jacket cheap 2. On our descent back to camp 1, we saw a high altitude helicopter circling and figured it was a rescue of one of the two teams. Weather was bad and we didn move up to camp 2 for another day or two, but on our way up to camp 2 we met canada goose outlet the father/son team as they descended. They told us what happened.For some reason, Monique attempted to summit Logan canada goose black friday sale from camp 2. Camp 2 is at 13,500 feet. I have no idea why you would try this, but she did reach the summit apparently and on her descent, became fatigued, hit SOS, and passed out on the ridge leading up to King Col. (the pass at 18.3k feet I mentioned earlier that you have to ascend after summiting). The father/son team found her Canada Goose sale unconscious in the snow and bivouaced with her. The bird was able to get her out after. The father/son team bailed on their summit bid to help her and when she got back to Haines Junction (the town you base out of) she totally downplayed the event and blamed her “rescue” on poor weather and GPS failures and did not even mention the men that saved her. Unfortunately I do not remember their names.We found her pack at about 18k feet still in the snow.The Kluane National Park had this huge press conference and event planned for her, even after she was having to be rescued. When she began speaking in Haines Junction about being the first solo woman canada goose coats (we all know her attempt doesn count) and downplaying the rescue, the Park literally pulled out from the event and ceased endorsing/supporting her. Everyone in the town was disgusted by her actions.

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