For persons adhering to the modern trend of accepting

Medicinal Plants of the Guianas is Prepared

Robert DeFilipps, Shirley Maina and Juliette Crepin have prepared a manual entitled “Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana),” with scientific names, synonyms, vernacular (common) names, medicinal utilization, chemical notes, and literature references for 170 families canada goose and canada goose coats 1,402 species of indigenous and introduced plants. The main emphasis is on ferns and flowering plants, although a few mosses, canadian goose jacket fungi and gymnosperms (Gnetum) are reported. The largest medicinal plant families are the Apocynaceae (43 taxa), Araceae (41), Caesalpiniaceae (51), Euphorbiaceae (58), Fabaceae (69), and Rubiaceae (54). For persons adhering to the modern trend of accepting Leguminosae as a single family comprising three large divisions, add 27 mimosoids to the 51 caesalps and 69 faboids, for Canada Goose sale a grand total of 147 taxa, making the “greater” Leguminosae the largest medicinal family in the Guianas.An introduction, glossary, bibliography of Guianan Amerindians and ethnobotany, medicinal index, common names index and Canada Goose Outlet species index are included. She is currently working with DeFilipps and Maina on medicinal plants of Myanmar (Burma) and previously assisted DeFilipps on a manual of “Selected Medicinal Plants of Haitian Vodou”. Plant remedies of the Saramaccan Bush Negroes of buy canada goose jacket cheap Surinam and the black Boni (pronounced “Bonny”) people of French Guiana, as well as the Carib and Arawak Indians populating all three Guianas, plus many other tribes and the people of towns and villages, are also covered. The introduction discusses the influences of the former British, Dutch buy canada goose jacket and French colonial heritage and plant interchanges between the Guianas and Europe with respect to some species used for medicinal may expect, the range of diseases and canada goose outlet afflictions that is treated by use of plants and herbal remedies in the Guyanas is large. Just taking into consideration the plants specifically used only by women, with canada goose store chemical properties affecting the female physiology, Canada Goose Parka a diversity of plants (arranged in disease categories in the medicinal index) is used to alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy and in association with the easing of childbirth and later infant care; menstruation canada goose black friday sale (dysmennorhea, hemorrhaging), abortifacients (juice of unripe pineapple is a widespread favorite), fertility and birth control plants, midwifery infusions, lactation, aphrodisiacs, and cosmetics (hair conditioners). Whether a Ricinus Canada Goose online communis leaf tied around the forehead to treat a headache, or stem exudate of Iryanthera cf. hostmannii (Myristicaceae) placed in the male genital orifice to relieve gonorrhea by the Tirio Indians of Surinam, the array of remedies extracted canada goose deals by Guianan Indians from the surrounding flora is formidable. And fortuitous, since many cannot afford the luxury of purchasing the pills, lozenges, syrups, drugs, pharmaceuticals and medications taken for granted as canada goose coats on sale always available over the counter in advanced societies. canada goose clearance The 568 page manual even indicates a few plants (Lonchocarpus, Fabaceae) used for the treatment of AIDS, and 10 hallucinogenic species.”Medicinal Plants of the Canada Goose Jackets Guianas” has also been accepted for publication in book form by Reference Publications, Inc. The Guianas book will include line drawings by one cheap Canada Goose Botany intern and two Smithsonian canada goose clearance sale Behind the Scenes volunteer illustrators, with a fine suite of plants in the Loganiaceae and Menispermaceae used as ingredients in curare hunting poisons as well as having medicinal usage.

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